by Dying Sun

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Available on CD through Kunsthauch

Available on cassette through Grimoire Cassette Cvlture


released January 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Dying Sun Frederick, Maryland

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Track Name: Generating The Sphere
The main sequence is ended
then death becomes life,
diffused upon emptiness,
spreading divine light.
Generating the sphere
The light decays
into life
and we are but death
embodied in flesh.
Generating the sphere
From a distance,
and through the lens of time,
seems still.
Generating the sphere
Our future foretold
by clouds in the void,
behind their beauty
lies their violence.
In this place
anything that grows is dying.
In this place
anything that dies is growing.
What's left of us will change
Forged by violence and shaped by pain
We only exist in body.
Track Name: The Night Sky
We're all as dead,
as burned out,
as the stars that shine
above our heads.

We may shine as bright
and as blinding
as the sun
before we die.

Yet mere points are,
in time and in space,
and the sum of all of us
is not enough
to illuminate the darkness,
the ever-growing darkness.

Hide. From our past mistakes
Hide.From the night sky

Burn yourself to illuminate the night
Feeling nearly human, but not quite
Dig down deeper to escape the day
Drown yourself in soil, let the sky fade away.

Not all shall die
and cease to shine
before their light
has reached our eyes.

But the night sky glows
with faded echoes
from long ago
weary from their journeys.

And so to shall we,
in time and in space,
traverse infinity
merely hoping
to illuminate the darkness,
the ever-growing darkness
Track Name: Dead
A life so aimless
A death so painless
I dreamt I disappeared
A world so cold
A fate foretold
I dreamt I disappeared
Existence so small
Anger so raw
I dreamt I disappeared

fucking shell
lowly beast
from yourself

empty shell
lonely beast
and died
by yourself
that's all
that's all

lifeless stone
loathsome beast
become again
Track Name: The Weight Of Time
Bury me
In a cold shallow grave
Beneath concrete
I don't deserve to ever be found

I got paralyzed by the weight of time
And no one could save me
Track Name: Stillness
I am nothing,
Save for blood.
Only the earth
Will ever take me in.

I will nothing,
Save for life.
Only time
Will ever take it away.

When the sun rises
Who will awaken?
What of the poor few
Who remain dreaming?
What do they dream
If not nothing?
Do they remember
The way the wind blows?

I know nothing,
Save for mind.
Only the void
Will ever take it in.

I feel nothing,
Save for light.
Only the way
It illuminates me.

Build a cage
Build a cage and crawl inside
Await the flames
Give up

Deadened myself to all I've been
Nothing flows through me
Deafened myself with my own screams
Becoming one with stillness
Track Name: Of Failing Flesh
The ever fading din of our heartbeats, a somber dirge of failing flesh,
the final echoes of man,
resonate into empty space.
The sound of our end barely more than a whisper...

And this is the moment
Everything ends

Peel back the skin from bone
Expose our hollow shells
We exist
In the space between life and death

Left all alone to face the cold
Pull back the flesh and free the soul

Will we have left an everlasting mark?
Will our lifeless bones remain
to show the beats of our hearts?
Will the things we built
leave a message for the ages?
...that we were once here?
...that anything was here?
Track Name: We Don't Belong Here
Ive seen the color drain from my eyes
The world went grey because of it
A consequence of pride
Is watching your body die

We are weak
And all too aware
That we don't belong here

Prepare yourself for ascension
Perpare yourself to go
Track Name: Transcendence (Leaving)
Desperate. Tearing at the fabric.
Searching for a place to hide.

Stars spiral around me
They give themselves to me
So light like
A flame shows the way down
Man and void shall meet
I fall in
With the last breath I take
I scream
Destroyed with the light
I burn
Then I rise again
Reborn with the night.

There is no hope here